We think ahead
  • Two LPG bottling plats in Gujarat.
  • One LPG manufacturing plant with LPG testing lab facility in Gujarat.
  • LPG cylinder dealer network in South Gujarat.
  • One LPG bottling plant in Pune.
  • One LPG bottling plant in AP.
  • Additional LPG storage and bottling facilities are planed in the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.
  • 50000 MTP-A petrochemical unit in Gujarat
  • 80 MT/Day capacity paper mill in Gujarat.
  • OM transport company with the fleet of 40 number of LPG/Propen tankers.

Auto LPG

Auto LPG popularly known as Autogas is the most widely used alternative fuel, powering more than 11 million vehicles worldwide in over 45 countries. Its cost-effectiveness, environmental benefits, practical advantages and safety features have already been widely demonstrated.



LPG for Industry LPG is a low carbon fuel with thousands of industrial and commercial applications. Regarded as an exceptional energy source, it is cleaner than any other fossil fuel, highly energy efficient and safe to use.



Commercial establishments such as Resorts, Restaurants, Caterers, Hotels, Canteens, Clubs, Sweet Shops, Cafes, Hospitals, Hostels require LPG with good propen content and timely services. Grindly Gas will offer both quality product and services.