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We think ahead

Grindly Gases & Petrochemicals Pvt. Ltd., is a major player in LPG Business in Gujarat for the last 15 years. The company is in the business of Manufacturing of LPG, Bulk LPG marketing, LPG bottling, distribution and transportation. The company has a reputation of quality and service, adhering to all the safety aspects and meeting the quality standards.

The company is currently operating in the states of Gujarat, Maharastra, Rajasthan and MP. The company is in the process of expanding it’s base in the states of Andhrapradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

We have expertise in organizing cost-effective conversion of combustion systems and also in studying and reducing LPG consumption in various Industrial applications.

Our LPG supply management is done in close coordination with Propene, Butane, LPG suppliers and transporters to ensure delivery of right quality and quantity of product to customers all throgh the year.

The company is also embarking on setting up Auto-LPG Despensing stations in western, central and southern India.

The Grindly group consists of various companies like Deepak Petrochemicals Ltd. Gujarat Reactive Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., OM Transport, PSU Petrol pump dealerships and Honda dealership.


Auto LPG

Auto LPG popularly known as Autogas is the most widely used alternative fuel, powering more than 11 million vehicles worldwide in over 45 countries. Its cost-effectiveness, environmental benefits, practical advantages and safety features have already been widely demonstrated.



LPG for Industry LPG is a low carbon fuel with thousands of industrial and commercial applications. Regarded as an exceptional energy source, it is cleaner than any other fossil fuel, highly energy efficient and safe to use.



Commercial establishments such as Resorts, Restaurants, Caterers, Hotels, Canteens, Clubs, Sweet Shops, Cafes, Hospitals, Hostels require LPG with good propen content and timely services. Grindly Gas will offer both quality product and services.